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Quièvremont Vineyard & Winery

Guevremont family at Quievremont, Normandy, France 2000

Having spent twenty years as a Marine Corps aviator, followed by executive positions with the owners of one worlds largest destination resort / casinos and in government affairs, my wife Teri and I decided that it was at last time to retire and catch our breath. The retirement part of our plan did not materialize, but we instead embarked with a renewed passion on creating a new “lifestyle niche” and, in 2006 purchased the two hundred acre Reality Farm located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains of northern Virginia. The farm had been in existence since approximately 1753, and as per a boat buyer’s superstition, we did not change the farm’s name, but instead adopted our new "reality."

Teri went to work raising a Jersey milk cow, Nubian dairy goat and Angus cattle herds, and I with a small vineyard and farm winery, Quièvremont, located within the boundaries of the larger farm. After having consulted with some of the top viticulturists, winemakers, and consultants in the region, all of whom interrogated me at length to ensure that I really wanted to undertake such an enterprise, we laid in our first three acres of vinifera grapes in 2007. Every year since, we added another acre of grapes to our vineyard for a total of 10 acres under vine, planting in the most ideal terrain in terms of orientation to the sun, ventilation, drainage, and soil. Our focus has been and will continue to be on grape quality, with the objective of producing small batches of exceptional wine.

Our current grape varieties include chardonnay, malbec, merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, and petit manseng. Knowing that the starting point for any good wine is a fine grape, we always look forward to what the next vintage will bring, while continuing to focus on classic, Bordeaux-style wines.

If you are interested in the healthful benefits of natural pasture fed beef, poultry, eggs, and milk, please visit https://realityfarminc.com to order the products from "the other side of the farm." And don't forget that sipping a little Quièvremont wine before, during and after a good meal, prepared with great ingredients, will surely enhance your feeling of satisfaction!

Santé et Bon apetit!

John Guevremont
Owner / Proprietor